In today’s challenging business environment, everyone is looking for quality and savings when it comes to the everyday items they use in the office. With that in mind, we’re pleased to provide you our new Business Source™ Catalog. Featuring essentials like ring binders, filing supplies, business envelopes, labels and tape, our Business Source™ catalog brings you products equivalent in every way to industry name brands except for one thing – the price. Plus the Business Source brand is backed with a 100% guarantee ensuring your complete satisfaction.

The Business Source brand represents just one more way we’re saving you money. Talk to one of our Sales Representatives to learn more about how we can take expenses out of your business and help you take more to the bottom line.

Business Source™ – The Best Value in Business Products

Please remember that the prices illustrated in this catalog, represent our prices at the time the catalog was printed. We’re committed to doing our best to minimize changes to these prices over the course of the upcoming year. Depending on market conditions, there are times when some items may increase or decrease in price. For your most up-to-date pricing and product information, as well as special promotions, be sure to check our website.

Thanks for being a valued customer. You have our ongoing commitment that we will work hard every day to continue earning your confidence.

Please click on this Business Source link to browse all business source products.